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​Backeye®360 Systems

Brigade has solved the problem of blind spots with the launch of Backeye®360, camera monitor systems that offer the ultimate view of a vehicle for the first time. Using brand new 360° technology they take vehicle safety to the next level.

Backeye®360 Systems are intelligent camera monitor products designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability by providing you with a real-time surround view of your vehicle in a single image. Presenting all-round visibility in one image saves the driver or operator having to process information from several mirrors or monitors in quick succession, making it easier to assess possible hazards.

No matter which heavy plant or commercial vehicle you operate, Brigade has your blind spots covered. With a choice of either Backeye® 360 Elite system (powered by ASL360), offering ultimate flexibility and extensive customisation for all vehicle types, or Backeye®360 Select for standard “box body” vehicles with some personalisation and quick calibration. Both systems offer the following features and benefits:

Compatible Vehicles

  • Comprehensive “all-round” view of vehicle in a single image
  • Four ultra wide-angle cameras covering all blind spots
  • Real-time, smooth video output
  • Customisable triggers available for various views 
  • Viewing area and distance configurable to suit vehicle type and application
  • Compatible with your existing Brigade monitors

For more features and benefits download the Backeye brochure

How to Buy

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