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Camera Monitor Systems

Camera monitor systems have brought driver vision into the twenty first century offering wider angles of view and multiple images on a single monitor. They can help eliminate blind spots to prevent costly vehicle damage and ultimately save lives.

​Rear View Reverse Camera

"Reversing of commercial vehicles is a major problem accounting for one claim in every six." - Association of British Insurers

Compatible Vehicles

Rear and side blind spots are a huge problem regardless of vehicle type and according to the Health and Safety Executive a quarter of all workplace incidents are caused by reversing. By fitting Brigade camera monitor systems you can greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

  • Prevents reversing collisions with people, property or vehicles
  • Reduces vehicle damage to the rear
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Assists safe and easier manoeuvring


Side View Camera 

​Eliminating the Nearside Blind Spot

Most cyclist fatalities happen at low speeds, often at road junctions and when moving off from a stationary position. A flush mount side view camera, triggered by the indicator solves this problem by giving a clear view of the nearside blind spot, where vulnerable cyclists and pedestrians are often hidden from the driver’s view. 

Sideswipe collisions on motorways are another common result of poor visibility; particularly for continental drivers in the UK, where the driver position is on the left hand side, and vice versa, when UK drivers are abroad.

The Benefits

  • Meets requirements of EU blind spot directive 2007/38/EC
  • Reduced nearside vehicle damage
  • Prevents collisions with cyclists
  • Prevents sideswipes
  • Provides a full side view of trailer when reversing on full lock

How to Buy

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