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Mobile Digital Recorders

Insurance claims and vehicle accidents are common issues for transport managers to resolve, but in today’s increasingly litigious society there are new, more costly problems to deal with…

Mobile Digital Recorders

Brigade's New Mobile Digital Recorders capture real-time footage from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras. Straightforward to install, data access is simple yet secure. The lockable hard drive is easily removed for connection to PC or laptop or footage can be uploaded using the 3G network or decicated WiFi.

Compatible with Brigade's range of cameras as well as Backeye 360 Select, the intelligent camera system which provides a real-time bird's-eye view of the vehicle in a single image.

Recording Features

  • Can record up to eight channels simultaneously.

  • Up to 1164 hours recording time.

  • Simultaneous mirror-recording onto an in-built SD card, meaning there is always back-up of footage.

  • Built-in GPS for recording speed and location. Useful evidential information in the case of a claim or accident.

  • Eight configurable trigger inputs. e.g: Speed, G-Force, motion detection, voltage, video signal loss, and option remote panel with panic button. 

  • Pre and post trigger recording of up to 30 minutes for highlighting events leading up to or following an incident.

  • Audio functionality with high quality compression (monitor and/or camera must have microphone).

  • Four recording mode options; constant, only recording alarms, specified times set by the user or by the remote panel (sold separately) which provides - additional security for the driver at the touch of a panic button.

  • Motion detection for capturing footage when the vehicle is unattended.

  • G-sensor (built-in on MDR-408-1000, optional on MDR-404-500) provides useful impact data in the case of a collision and harsh accelerating and braking.


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External G-SensorFireproof housing with 32GB SD CardRemote panel



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