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Mobile Digital Recorders

Insurance claims and vehicle accidents are common issues for transport managers to resolve, but in today’s increasingly litigious society there are new, more costly problems to deal with…

Mobile Digital Recording

Brigade's new range of 4 and 8 channel digital recorders now include models with WiFi and/or 3G connectivity capabilities. Wirelessly connecting an MDR to a secure server can save many man-hours, as data can be obtained from the recorder without needing to access the vehicle.

WiFi and/or 3G connectivity features:

  • Download data without physically going to the vehicle(s).

  • Set-up automatic download of data (triggered events) to a secure MDR server when in range of MDR WiFi.

  • Stream data remotely via 3G network.

  • Real-time GPS tracking via 3G network (providing vehicle has 3G signal).

  • Immediate notification of triggered events via 3G network or scheduled summary of events on WiFi.

  • User-defined evidence packages to only receive the data you require.

  • Live View up to 36 cameras from multiple MDRs.

  • Mobile App to access live views, vehicle locations, create snapshots and receive alerts.

Wireless technology


A facility allowing devices to communicate wirelessly. A dedicated MDR Wireless network creates a small, localised area within which your devices can receive signal. 

WiFi is location based e.g. fleet yard, depot or quarry.


A cellular data service available from mobile network providers.

Coverage is anywhere with 3G signal - Nationally and Internationally. Data charges will apply.

In order to set up and use the WiFi and/or 3G MDR models, IT infrastructure, services and hardware such as servers will be required.

MDR 3G/WiFi Leaflet


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