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Bespoke Specialist Safety Solutions

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Safety Levels

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For large fleets with specialist applications or specific vehicle safety requirements, Brigade’s team of engineers work can work in partnership to create bespoke solutions. click here.

Common Problems

  • Nearside blind spots

    • Damage to cab step unit due to nearside blind spot
    • Cyclist collisions in urban areas due to nearside blind spot
  • Reverse in safety

    • Reversing accidents due to blind spots or pedestrians not seeing moving vehicle
    • Noise complaints from tonal "beeping" reversing alarms
  • Providing digital evidence


    The daily working round for drivers of refuse trucks is fraught with difficult manoeuvres in snug residential streets with car mirrors literally inches either side of the vehicle.

    Yet despite the experience and skill of refuse drivers, and trucks equipped with blind spot aids and sensor systems, some councils still receive complaints of damage to parked vehicles.

    Whilst the councils doubt the honesty of many of the accusations, they have no evidence to prove the contrary.

    The MDR can help you decide whether it is or isn’t the fault of the driver. It actually makes the driver’s life easier because he hasn’t got to come and justify himself, as the incident is captured on video.

    The compact hard disk recorder is connected to four or eight cameras fitted on the vehicle, recording up to 1164 hours of footage. It can simultaneously record real time images with data such as time, date, location and speed, providing irrefutable evidence. The MDR can be connected to a computer and played back on the viewer software.