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Van Safety & Security Solutions

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Safety Levels

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Van bulkheads or absent rear windows make maneouvring in crowded urban areas difficult. To download a copy of the Buyers Guide click here.

Common Problems

  • Night time deliveries


    Congestion is, by far, the biggest headache for transport operators. Delivering by night would seem like the perfect solution and delivers significant cost savings. In the past, however, councils permitting night time deliveries have seen a surge in noise complaints, particularly from residents woken by loud beeping reversing alarms.

    Removing or disabling reversing alarms solves the noise problem, but seriously compromises safety and has seen fatal consequences.

  • Reverse in safety


    Reversing accidents due to blind spots or pedestrians not seeing moving vehicle.

  • Poor or reduced vision


    Collisions can occur through manoeuvring in tight spaces due to poor or reduced vision.