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Why Brigade?

All over the world, large road-going vehicles and mobile plant are a danger.

Going Global

Brigade is committed to making roads and worksites safer for all. From our humble beginnings in the UK, we now have a network of overseas subsidiaries, joint venture companies and partnerships with over 80 approved international distributors, all chosen for their high level of service and expertise in vehicle safety. 

Whether you operate an international, multi-vehicle fleet or a small business in a remote corner of the globe, Brigade has a local specialist to help with your safety requirements.

We can provide a solution for a specific problem or offer friendly advice and support if you are new to vehicle safety systems.

Wherever you are in the world, large road-going vehicles and mobile plant continue to be a danger. Thankfully, Health & Safety culture is gradually improving to help combat these dangers, but whatever the local obligation, there is no excuse for compromising on safety. Stay safe, fit Brigade.


• Brigade Electronics Plc
• Brigade Service Partners:
These are experienced, accredited technicians who provide service and support for anyone who has purchased our products. Operating from over 20 regional sites nationwide, each with fully equipped workshops and a team of engineers providing extensive parts availability, support and advice.
• Nationwide network of approved fitters, mobile engineers and over 150 distributors

West Europe

• Subsidiaries in Germany, Italy and Benelux
• Joint venture company in France
• National Distributors in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden


• Subsidiary in USA
• National Distributors in Mexico, Canada


• National Distributors in India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Hong Kong/China, Indonesia

South America

• National Distributors in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia


• Subsidiary in South Africa that also covers Congo, Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia
• National Distributors in Egypt, UAE, Oman, Israel


• National Distributors in Australia, New Zealand

East Europe

• National Distributors in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Baltic States, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan

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