Quality and reliability – our guiding principles

Last month we were delighted to meet with customers both old and new at Hillhead, the world’s biggest quarry exhibition. There was a real buzz about the event and, contrary to the relentless gloom of news reports, a general feeling of optimism about the economy in Europe and globally.

The safety of HGVs and mobile plant operating in worksites and on surrounding public roads was a frequent topic for conversation, as the industry works towards ‘Target Zero’ the goal of zero accidents in quarries, mines and other hazardous environments such as recycling centres and heavy construction sites.

In a moving address on the first morning of the show, Kate Cairns, from the ‘See Me Save Me’ campaign, spoke to a packed room of delegates about the importance of protecting vulnerable road users. Kate’s sister, Eilidh, was tragically run over and killed by a minerals industry HGV as she cycled to work in London. The presentation by Kate brought home the terrible cost of failing to address the issue of blind spots around HGVs.

Investing in safety

To succeed in today’s economic climate, any business must operate cost efficiently and with minimum wastage. But in the field of safety, the overwhelming consensus is that investment, rather than cost cutting, is the only sensible option.

As a market leader of safety devices for commercial vehicles and mobile plant, we place our emphasis on quality and reliability. Years of research go into each Brigade product to ensure that each one meets – and often exceeds – all international compliance standards.

Since 1976, when we introduced the very first reversing alarm to Europe, our mission has remained constant: to lead the way in pioneering and developing new technology to protect drives and road users from harm. Our product portfolio now includes 360o camera systems, camera monitor systems, White Sound® reversing alarms, obstacle detection sensors, obstacle detection radar, and digital recorders.

Cheaper imitations may be available, but we are confident that Brigade’s award-winning safety products offer the very best in terms of quality and reliability and, consequently, long-term value.

Peace of mind

When investing in safety upgrades for your fleet, a warranty is essential for peace of mind. Some of our products come with a lifetime warranty, while others offer warranties ranging from five years to one year.

We will never release a product until we are 100% confident it is fit for purpose; it is a testament to our painstaking R&D process that in over four decades of trading we have never had a product recall.

This year’s Hillhead exhibition showcased the very best in design and innovation. We were proud to be a part of the show and to demonstrate the products for which we have become internationally renowned. As Hillhead packs up for another year, our work continues. We look forward to supporting our customers today and into the future, as we strive to achieve better safety on roads and worksites across the world.

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