BRIDGE – fully managed 4G cloud service for vehicle CCTV | Brigade Electronics

Vehicle CCTV has proven valuable for fleet operators with many choosing to equip their vehicles with the technology to improve safety, support driver training and prevent fraudulent claims.

Having access to recorded footage from vehicles and machinery offers numerous benefits to companies. These include protection from ‘crash for cash’ claims, helping to deter vandalism, offering peace of mind to passengers, encouraging driver best practice and providing irrefutable evidence in the event of accidents and legal proceedings.

Here at Brigade, our Mobile Digital Recording system (MDR) acts as an accurate eyewitness and can capture footage from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras – meaning vehicles have comprehensive, all-round coverage. Offering up to 1862 hours of recording time, depending on video settings and quality, its features include pre and post trigger recording capabilities of up to 60 minutes preceding or following an incident, motion detection for capturing footage when the vehicle is unattended and built-in GPS for recording speed and location.

Storing and managing this data is crucial, particularly in the event it is required for an insurance claim or incident report.

Brigade’s MDR range of four and eight-channel DVR recorders includes models with WiFi and/or 4G connectivity, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without having to physically enter the vehicle. Brigade’s recently introduced BRIDGE Cloud Service takes full advantage of this connectivity by providing a fully managed service for 4G enabled systems so that operators no longer have to set up and maintain their own servers, manage SIMs or handle mobile data.

Having remote access provides many benefits when operating an MDR system. These include:

  • Playback of historical footage and metadata stored on the vehicle MDR
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • A live view of the vehicle cameras and metadata, such as speed, G-force and activated triggers.
  • Various footage download capabilities, including automatically saving footage either side of an alarm being activated
  • Geo-fencing function, which notifies the Fleet Manager when the vehicle enters/exits a predefined area.
  • Fleet Manager Triggers, which send automatic email notifications, which can be triggered for a variety of reasons, including accidents, speeding, HDD errors and video tampering

Utilising EE Machine to Machine IoT connected SIM cards, which offers greater data priority over a standard phone SIM card, Brigade’s BRIDGE provides fleet operators with uninterrupted access to data regardless of network traffic.

One company which is benefiting from utilising Brigade’s camera monitoring systems and BRIDGE 4G Cloud Service is Wren Kitchens. The company was keen to improve health and safety standards and strive for higher levels of customer service across its fleet. By installing Brigade’s technology, Wren could ensure its products could be monitored throughout a driver’s journey and protect drivers from false claims in the event of theft or accidents.

Lee Halls, Transport Manager at Wren Kitchens, said:

“The BRIDGE system is easy to use and the fact it’s an instant live feed means we don’t even have to access the vehicle to review any footage. If a customer has a problem at delivery, we can review the footage and solve any issues pretty much instantly.”