Bridge launch attracts attention in the UK

Our Mobile Digital Recording (MDR) systems increase commercial vehicle safety by recording from up to eight vehicle-mounted cameras simultaneously. As well as the all-important safety issues, benefits include insurance evidence, protection for drivers and vandalism deterrence. Our MDR range includes models with 4G connectivity capabilities, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without having to go to the vehicle in person.

We’re constantly working on upgrades to our products to ensure we are at the forefront of the market and maintaining our vital focus on the safety of everyone on the roads. Our latest innovation, the Bridge 4G Cloud Service, has just been launched and is already attracting significant interest.

Bridge is a fully-managed service for 4G-enabled systems which relieves fleet operators of the responsibility of setting up and maintaining their own servers and managing SIMS and mobile data. We supply and activate the SIM, set up and administer MDR Dashboard user accounts, set up and maintain the server, give 4G data limit notifications, and help with documentation, as well as provide assistance with tutorials and a technical helpline. The activation process is straightforward and quick.

Benefits of remote access to MDR include:

  • Playback of historical footage and metadata (GPS location, speed, G-force, events and alarms) from MDR or server
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Live view of vehicle cameras and metadata
  • Downloading footage, with a one-off download to the server starting once the vehicle is online, and pre and post-alarm footage automatically saved to the server
  • Geo-fencing to alert operators when vehicles enter or leave particular areas
  • Optional email notifications of triggered alarms, such as geo-fencing, speeding, G-force, HDD error and video loss

With fleet managers needing to ensure compliance with a number of different schemes such as FORS, CLOCS and Transport for London’s Direct Vision Standard, Bridge can reduce stress and make a major contribution to road safety by providing a comprehensive and fully-managed remote service.

If you’d like to hear more about Bridge and the benefits it can offer, get in touch with our expert team at Brigade and find out how it can help your fleet contribute to commercial vehicle safety.