Brigade discusses camera systems for commercial vehicles

Rigid Truck with Brigade's camera monitor system

Brigade discusses camera systems for commercial vehicles at annual conference

At Brigade we are constantly striving to come up with new, innovative ways to make roads and worksites safer for all. We are proud of the technological advances we’ve made to help fulfil this pledge, and the work we are doing to further improve our safety systems for commercial vehicles.

So we are always keen to spread the message about our products and how they are keeping drivers, road users and work site employees safe. This month we were able to showcase our latest devices and talk about our future developments at the annual Safety in Logistics conference.

As a key sponsor of the event, organised by the Freight Transport Association (FTA), our staff were on hand to talk to industry leaders about how to make the most of vehicle safety systems. And their discussions were timely as they came after the Government launched its latest Think! road safety campaign, which focuses on cyclists getting caught between a lorry and left hand turns.

Speaking up for safety

The annual Safety in Logistics conference aims to inform fleet and transport managers of the latest updates, initiatives and changes to legislation within the industry, while providing best practice advice and enforcement focus areas.

Among the speakers at this month’s event was Elaine Corner who gave a thought-provoking talk about the impact of making a hands-free call while driving. Elaine’s speech drew from personal experience as her Army career was cut short after she was knocked from her motorbike by a van driver, who had been distracted while talking on his phone.

Other speakers included Bruno Porter from the Health and Safety Executive, who gave the keynote address entitled ‘Helping Great Britain Work Well’, and the DVLA, which talked about the enforcement of load security. Topics including HGV coupling, manual handling and data protection were also discussed.

Logistics and the law

Sessions did not just focus on transport safety and the physical steps that can be taken to further protect drivers, workers and the public. The laws surrounding health and safety were also an important topic for delegates.

A specialist solicitor spoke to the conference about the new sentencing guidelines that have been introduced for corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences. He also advised firms about how they should manage their risk to ensure they stay above the law, should the worst happen and an accident occur.

Brigade staff were on hand to talk about how our products – including camera systems, alarms and sensors – can help firms enhance their fleet’s safety features and avoid such legislation.

Keep campaign in mind

The conference was held in the wake of the Department for Transport launching its latest Think! road safety campaign, which is focused on cycling. The ‘hang back’ campaign is encouraging cyclists to leave room between themselves and lorries that are turning left.

Campaigners are particularly keen to highlight how dangerous it can be for cyclists to travel beside a lorry when it is turning left – as they are pedalling in a blind spot. A third of collisions between bikes and HGVs occur in these left hand blind spots, and according to figures from Think! 104 cyclists have died in the last five years in crashes involving lorries.

We at Brigade are well aware of blind spot dangers and the difficulties they present for HGV and commercial vehicle drivers, and talked about the products we offer that can help in these situations at the conference.

Sensors, warning alarms, obstacle detection systems and side view cameras are among the technology that can be employed to assist lorry drivers when turning left. We are very proud of our 360-degree system, Backeye®360, which uses four individual cameras to create a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle and its surrounds, so drivers know what is next to them at all times.

To find out more about the Backeye®360 system and how Brigade can protect your workforce contact us here.