Brigade Electronics is Prepared for a No Deal Brexit with Limited Impact on Business.

Leading suppliers of vehicle Safety Systems, Brigade Electronics, says it has taken measures for a no deal Brexit and is confident there will be limited impact on business, if any at all.

In the event of no deal, Brigade has made provisions both for the manufacture and future compliance of products to ensure that they have the correct approvals for the UK and EU markets.

Brigade’s Quality and Standards Manager, David Wallin said: “All of our products have UN-ECE approvals. Therefore vehicle manufacturers, body builders and others who require type approval certification can rest assured that Brigade products are Brexit proof and will conform after 29th March 2019.”

To cope with continued rapid growth plus increased stock levels as a contingency for import and export delays, Brigade has doubled its footprint with an additional new 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Dartford. The company, who are undergoing a period of rapid expansion by doubling sales every two years, also have an ambitious target to recruit local talent.

Brigade has European subsidiaries in; Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and France. This means the business can ship to anywhere in Europe. Brigade also has subsidiaries in America and Canada and exports across the world.

Group Managing Director of Brigade, Philip Hanson-Abbott said: “Where our EU subsidiaries do not have warehouses, we are opening new ones. We will have a total of five warehouses across Europe. In addition we have looked at the possible effects of foreign exchange movements which have been hedged to secure long-term continuity.”

For European customers, product will be held in a customs bonded warehouse in the UK. From here product will be imported into warehouses in Europe to service customers in those territories from a Brigade subsidiary company. Brigade has planned for every scenario with regards to the Irish border so that regardless of the outcome it anticipates there will be no issues or changes to current business.

Group Managing Director of Brigade, Philip Hanson-Abbott said: “Our goal is to continue post Brexit to deliver products to our customers in a timely manner, with no extra cost or administration involved.”