Brigade Electronics Lease Scheme

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Monthly Payments to Vehicle Safety Solutions More Affordable with Brigade’s New Finance pack

Brigade has launched a finance scheme to help fleet operators install vehicle safety devices required for site specifications and tenders.

Brigade’s UK Marketing Manager, Emily Hardy said: ‘Operators have been able to lease their vehicles to spread the cost for many years but there has been nothing in place for vehicle safety equipment at aftermarket level. A growing number of specifications including FORS, CLOCS and more recently Skanska have increased the cost of running a fleet, adding pressure to already diminishing bottom line profits.’

Brigade’s lease scheme offers customers the opportunity to spread the cost of equipment in monthly payments across three, four or even five year plans. A dedicated FCA (financial conduct authority) authorised advisor is on hand to develop individual tailored packages to suit cash flow, budgetary and policy requirements. FORS and CLOCS compliance starts at as little as £29 per vehicle, per month.

Emily continues: ‘The great thing about leasing is that unlike hire purchases it actually makes products cheaper because payments are fully deductible against pre-tax profits thereby reducing payments in real terms. So, for instance, the capital cost of £25,000 is reduced by £1,190 once tax relief has been applied. When our customers realise the savings they are making they tell us that they can’t afford not to lease products, leaving valuable capital for more strategic purposes.’

Customers can chose to add extended parts and labour warranty and fitting costs in the overall price. They have the choice at the end of the term to retain the product, return or upgrade. Other options include equipping additional vehicles by extending the lease without increasing monthly payments.

Emily concludes: ‘The lease scheme offers extra value to our product offering. Our Brigade Service Partner (BSP) scheme offers nationwide support for anyone that has bought Brigade products. BSPs are also able to offer nationwide fitments for those with large fleets and their costs can be incorporated into the lease scheme.’