Brigade: a global company

From glaciers to the desert: Brigade is an all-terrain firm for the whole world

Improving road safety is one of our key aims at Brigade and all our systems are designed with busy, urban environments in mind – where some of the most serious accidents can occur.

Roads, however, are not the only terrain we work in and our vehicle safety products, which include vehicle radar sensors, white noise reversing alarms, and 360 vehicle camera systems have been specifically designed so they can work in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Despite starting in the UK, we are now proud to have a global reach with offices based across the world.

Safety in all terrains

Our products are easily relatable to lorries, coaches, vans and HGVS that spend their time on the world’s highways and byways. But our safety expertise is not limited to tarmac, with all our systems capable of working in tougher terrains.

When Chris Hanson-Abbott established Brigade in 1976 he vowed to make work sites, as well as roads, safer for all. So today our systems are used on building, project and worksites across the globe.

From open cut mines to desert drill sites and survey work in sub-zero temperatures, our products can withstand the harshest of terrain to ensure those who are having to work in such testing conditions stay safe.

Not just lorries

Working near and around any large vehicle can present dangers and risks, which is why our systems work just as well on HGVs as they do on JCBs. Those using plant machinery can struggle with poor vision due to restrictions in the cab.

Our camera monitoring systems give operators wider angles of view, clearer pictures and the ability to watch multiple images on a single screen.

Farm vehicles can also present drivers with tricky viewing angles, especially when being used with additional equipment attached. This can make the job harder as careful monitoring is needed at each stage of a harvest to ensure all machinery is working at its best, without being a safety risk to workers on the ground.

Our camera monitoring systems come into their own on farmyard machinery, giving drivers and operators a clear view around their vehicle, while our talking reversing alarms can help keep those on ground level safe.

As well as protecting drivers, site workers and road users, our products can also help businesses guard against damage and financial threats to their fleet.

Bin lorry drivers, for example, have to take extra care when manoeuvring their vehicles in and around tight residential roads to avoid damaging parked cars. Fraudulent claims of broken wing mirrors, scratches, knocks and dents can often be reported.

By having an recording system that records a vehicle’s movements, councils and drivers have evidence to rubbish false claims.

Making inroads across the globe

Brigade was founded in the UK more than 40 years ago, but since then has expanded to provide its pioneering safety systems across the globe.

We are proud to have established offices in America, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe, meaning our team is on hand to make your worksite and vehicles safer, no matter your location.

To find out more about any of our services, commercial vehicle safety products and global offices get in touch with our team here.