Brigade helps you to achieve R46

Brigade helps you to achieve R46 compliance

Brigade helps you to achieve R46 indirect vision compliance.

Every year, hundreds of people, mostly vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, are killed in incidents involving large goods vehicles. These incidents are mainly due to drivers not being able to see other road users in blind spots which exist in the area immediately around their vehicles.

To help eliminate this, European Directives 2003/97/EC and 2007/38/EC were introduced. These directives require that ‘devices for indirect vision’ are fitted to large goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes to observe the traffic area adjacent to the vehicle which cannot be observed by direct vision. These can be conventional mirrors, camera-monitors or other devices able to present information about the indirect field of vision to the driver. These areas are Class V (blind spot area directly beside and below the passenger door) and Class VI (blind spot immediately in front of the vehicle).

To replace mirrors with a camera monitor system and achieve the directives, R46 (UN ECE Regulation No 46) approved products must be used and comply with pre-defined installation guidelines. An R46 approved camera monitor system can be used instead of conventional mirrors for the Class V and Class VI areas.

Brigade Electronics have achieved R46 compliance for several camera monitor systems including the Backeye®360 Select system, all of which can be used in place of a conventional mirror for the Class V and Class VI areas.

Designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability, Brigade’s Backeye®360 system works by providing the driver with an all-round view of the vehicle in a single image on the in-cab monitor. The system simultaneously blends and stitches the live images from four ultra-wide cameras together to produce a single bird’s-eye-view image, eliminating blind spots.

Removing mirrors and installing a camera monitor system not only eliminates blind spots, improving safety for vulnerable road users, but also reduces costs from damaged mirrors and bodywork.

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