Brigade – pioneering road safety since 1976

From introducing the first reversing alarm to Europe in 1976 to our full range of innovative and complementary vehicle safety systems of today, Brigade has led the world in improving road and work safety standards for all.

While it is hard to quantify exactly how many lives have been saved as a result of this work and the vehicle safety devices we provide, we do know that thanks to the dedication of our founder, Chris Hanson-Abbott, the commercial vehicle safety products we pioneered have positively shaped road and workplace safety requirements across the globe.

The validation of our pioneering work is manifested in the new GSR – General Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 (GSR). The GSR sets out safety technologies and design features that must become standard for all new vehicles sold by defined dates depending on vehicle type and technology.

The latest revised version of the GSR, which comes into force in July 2022, will, for the first time since its inception, address the specific concerns of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists – something that has been key to our mission of saving lives since we started out more than 45 years ago.

The GSR will also gradually introduce advanced safety systems covering the technology that Brigade has been pivotal in establishing as a safety standard across the world. These include reversing detection systems like rear view cameras and rear obstacle detection systems, such as Brigade’s Backeye®360 and Backsense®Radar, along with a cyclist detection and warning system, a moving off information system (MOIS) and a pedestrian and cyclist collision warning system like Brigade’s Sidescan®Predict.

While reversing alarms, cameras and obstacle detection systems have become ubiquitous around the world and are essential to enhancing road and workplace safety efforts, the updated GSR requirements are reinforcing the years of research, information and insights we have produced as a result of our work in the vehicle safety technology sector.

Our MD, and son of Chris Hanson-Abbott, Philip, said:

“We are enormously proud of the contribution we have made to road safety, saving many thousands of lives and countless more injuries as a direct result of our pioneering and innovative work over the years. We see it as a great testament to our vision and our life’s work that these safety products will soon be required by regulation on new lorries, buses and coaches.”

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