Aviogei Install Brigade Products to Improve Airside Safety for Disabled Passengers

Aviogei is an Italian company which has been designing, building and selling airport vehicles and equipment for over 50 years. Headquartered in Aprilia, Italy, Aviogei operates internationally, selling their wide range of airport vehicles and equipment in 95 countries.

Aviogei supply specialist, innovative equipment and need to keep safety at the forefront of their products to operate in the safety conscious airside environment. Aviogei have recently launched a new ambulift, a specialist electric mobile lift which transports passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) from the plane to the ground. Aviogei has always believed these passengers have the right to travel in the safest and most comfortable way possible which is why they supply equipment specifically designed, patented and manufactured for PRM.

Brigade Electronics, market leaders in commercial vehicle safety solutions for over 40 years, have supplied their Backeye®360 camera monitor system for the new ambulift.

Backeye®360 makes it safer to maneuver in tight spaces and to operate in busy environments, like an airport, by giving the operator a 360° view of the vehicle and surrounding area, completely eliminating blind spots. Backeye®360 provides the operator with a real-time bird’s-eye view of the vehicle by simultaneously combining images from 4 cameras into a single image on the in-cab monitor. The result is increased visibility for the operator, reducing incidents and improving safety for both airside staff and passengers.

To enhance the operator’s visibility further, Brigade’s Italian engineering team worked with Aviogei to fit a fifth camera to the specialist ambulift. The additional camera to the front of the lift allows the operator to view underneath the lift while in an extended position, ensuring that blind spots below are visible.

To complete the safety system, Aviogei also decided to fit Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR) to capture footage from each camera. Not only does this footage act as irrefutable evidence incase of an incident, it also monitors the activity of the vehicle.

Aviogei are now offering Brigade’s safety devices as standard options on all new ambulifts.