Palletways fits Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recording System

Palletways Sees Huge Benefits From Fitting Brigade’s Mobile Digital Recording System

The Palletways Group provides an express delivery solution for consignments of palletised freight and is the leading dedicated pallet network in Europe.

With vehicles operating in a variety of environments, some amount of vehicle damage is inevitable. Palletways wanted to reduce the number of accidents occurring to prevent costs associated with vehicle damage and improve vehicle and driver safety.

They fitted Brigade Electronics’ Backeye® camera-monitor system, to improve all round visibility and also the MDR-304 mobile digital recording system. The compact hard disc records up to 780 hours of footage. It can simultaneously record real time images with data such as time, date, location and speed, providing irrefutable evidence.

The results were impressive as General Manager, Ken Bromage explains: ‘In 2013 we fitted ten vehicles with Brigade’s MDR. Our insurance company paid for half of this. During the course of the year insurance claims dropped by 47% and the claims value fell by 57%. The insurance premium dropped by 27% the following year. The cost of the equipment had seen a threefold return in the first year.’

In addition to insurance claims, Palletways also saw a dramatic decrease in accidents due to the four camera system, installed to improve all round visibility…

‘Of the ten vehicles fitted with Brigade’s camera systems, we had zero reversing accidents in the year, compared with six the previous year. Lane changing incidents dropped from ten to four and we were able to prove to the  insurance company that it was the third party changing lanes that had caused a particular incident by showing the MDR footage.’