Ultrasonics obstacle detection warning sensors Cemex Trucks

Brigade – Helping Cemex to Cement a Safer Future

Cemex is a global buildings solutions company and leading supplier of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. The company generates over £1 billion in annual sales and has a UK supply network with over 500 locations.

With the increase in congestion, many people are choosing alternative methods of travel. However, the alarmingly high statistics for collisions of trucks with pedestrians or cyclists has caused firms such as Cemex to seek out better safety solutions to protect vulnerable road users.

Cemex has fitted a range of Brigade’s safety systems to its tippers and mixers to improve driver’s field of vision and make their vehicles more visible to pedestrians and cyclists. The combination of systems includes ultrasonic sensors, speaking alarms and reversing cameras to alert both parties to the potential danger.

This has improved their reputation within the community and marked them as leaders in the field of vehicle safety.

Sidescan® is a dual function system that has ultrasonic sensors, fitted along the near side of the truck, linked to the truck’s left indicator, providing an audible warning to alert the driver when anything is in the danger zone to the left of the vehicle.

It also incorporates a speaking alarm, with a bespoke message warning pedestrians and cyclists that the vehicle is about to turn. The combination systems alert both parties to the dangers.

Brigade’s reversing cameras have also been fitted on the back of ready-mixed concrete trucks and tippers and linked to a monitor in the cab. The camera is activated when reverse gear is selected, providing the driver with an unprecedented view of people and objects in the blindspot to the rear of the vehicle.