EIS Waste

360 degree camera system on waste truck

“We Don’t Know How We Worked Before Fitting Brigade’s Systems”

Based in Aberdeen, EIS Waste Services provide a collection, treatment, recycling and waste disposal service to the North East of Scotland. With 27 commercial vehicles in operation, EIS Waste say they don’t know how they ever worked before fitting Brigade’s systems to their fleet after not only reducing vehicle damage and false claims but also improving efficiency.

Originally Brigade’s Backeye®360, supplied by Dingbro Ltd and fitted by Taylor’s Auto Electrical, were fitted solely to improve safety and reduce vehicle damage. Backeye®360 is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a realtime surround view of the vehicle in a single image. The four wide angle cameras enable a better view than conventional cameras of the hopper and beyond.

The company then decided to fit mobile digital recording. The Backeye®360 cameras are connected to Brigade’s MDR-304A digital recording system enabling EIS waste to review footage in the event of incidents.

Raymond Henderson, EIS Waste’s Transport Manager describes how Brigade’s systems have helped:

“In one incident our driver was on a dual carriageway and the lorry driver in front was driving erratically, speeding up and slowing down continuously. Our driver decided to overtake the vehicle to avoid it. He pulled into the outside lane to overtake and as he did the third party driver left their lane and bounced into our vehicle, ripping the side of their lorry. The third party driver blamed our driver. I sent a copy of the MDR footage to their transport manager who withdrew the claim.”