ELB Partners

ELB improves vehicle safety with Backeye360

ELB Partners fit Brigades Backeye®360, their product of choice

Logistics solutions provider ELB Partners run a fleet of 38 vehicles, ranging from sprinter vans to double deck trailers. They installed Brigade’s Backeye®360 camera monitor system, having previously fitted other similar products that were not up to standard.

Following a traumatic incident involving a cyclist fatality, Mark Norman, Transport Manager at ELB, explains that company policies surrounding vehicle safety were dramatically upgraded, with a focus on camera monitor systems and the minimisation of blind spots.

ELB partners fitted the Backeye®360, an intelligent camera monitor system that seamlessly stitches together live images, produced by four ultra-wide angle cameras, into a single bird’s-eye-view image. This image appears on the driver’s monitor, effectively eliminating all blind spots.

Suitable for all applications, the Backeye®360 is designed to assist vehicle operators whilst they carry out low speed manoeuvres. ELB Driver Michael Gregory says, ‘Before the installation of Backeye®360, whenever you were driving into town with cyclists, you were constantly looking in your mirrors, but now with the all-round system you can just look at the monitor and see vehicles and pedestrians coming from all angles. It really is a great help.’

Since fitting Brigade’s system, ELB Partners have been awarded FORS Gold status. Mark Norman concludes:

“Having previously fitted other products that weren’t up to standard, Brigade’s equipment has been far better quality in terms of waterproofing etc. The Backeye®360 is all round a much better product.”