Montecon Port Operator

Backsense® Radar In the port of Montevideo reachstackers

Montecon, in the Port of Montevideo, fits Brigade’s Backsense® Radar

In the port of Montevideo, Uruguay, port operator Montecon operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a capacity of up to 10,000 TEU.

Brigade Electronics worked with Montecon to find a solution to the problem of successive collisions and accidents involving reachstackers with port lighting columns and other containers within the cargo area. The busy environment was an ever increasing threat to driver safety.

This type of accident is very common with reachstackers as the driver is focused on moving the load. The repetitive tasks often gives the driver a false sense of confidence. In this environment mirrors and other passive safety equipment are not enough.

Brigade Electronics provided a solution with their programmable Backsense® Radar model BS-8000 and Backeye® Camera Monitor System to give the driver a clear rear view. The active detection and camera systems are constantly helping drivers to avoid unnecessary accidents. Regardless of the manoeuvres performed by the driver, the system alerts the driver in advance of an approaching object or person with an audible alarm, prompting the driver to look at the monitor located in the cab and take preventative action.

Brigade’s Backsense® and Backeye® systems have improved safety for all port drivers.

Eduardo Roubau, Engineering Manager for Montecon says…

‘The cameras and radar sensors Brigade have installed in the back of our reachstackers are an essential aspect of safety for operations.  The solution both prevents collisions with light poles, where we had several incidents prior to  the implementation of the system,  and minimises the risk of accidents involving people.’