VF Venieri Spa

360 degree camera system for wheel loaders

VF Venieri Spa installs Backeye®360 on new wheel loaders

VF Venieri Spa presented the new 13.63B wheel loader with Z-bar linkage at Intermat 2015 and at Bauma 2016.

A futuristic machine in terms of performance and safety, the wheel loader has been designed with attention to detail, the latest generation of engines, optimum weight balance, a hydrostatic transmission to reduce fuel consumption as well as efficient multi-disc brakes, which reduces slippage and therefore tyre wear.

The wheel loader has been designed and built to operate efficiently and, above all, safely.

However, VF Venieri were not content with the wide windows of the cab and the usual rear cameras so decided to install the new Backeye®360 Select, which completely eliminates blind spots. This was in anticipation of the upcoming requirements of EN 474-1 (general safety requirements for operating earth moving machines), in particular with regard to driver visibility.

The Backeye®360 camera system provides a bird’s-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicle by stitching together images from four cameras to provide a single 360 degree view. The image appears on the monitor in the cab, ensuring there are no blind spots, particularly useful for low speed manoeuvres.

VF Venieri has chosen the 360 degree camera monitor system from Brigade Electronics, a leader in safety equipment for industrial vehicles and machines, fully aware that performance goes hand in hand with safety, two essential elements for a successful product.