Derry Refrigerated Transport invest in technology to support specialist deliveries

30% of Derry Refrigerated Transport’s business involves driving through an urban environment. It’s a significant portion of driver’s journeys where extra vigilance is required to avoid collisions with other vehicles, street furniture and vulnerable road users. Not only do narrow streets and parked cars make driving difficult, but rising traffic levels also makes transporting temperature-sensitive goods across Europe one of the biggest challenges Derry face. 

Fortunately for businesses requiring frozen or refrigerated distribution, Derry are experts in its field, insisting on standing by its mantra of following best practice, where quality customer care is at the centre of the operation and an unbeatably reliable service is offered. Timing here, is everything; Temperature-sensitive products such as food and pharmaceuticals must arrive at the correct temperature. With over 60 trucks and 130 trailers on the road, extra time must be given to planning driver’s journeys so that peak traffic and busy routes can be avoided.

Along with planning expertise, Derry prides themselves on investing in the latest technology to support a smooth operation. Temperature monitoring systems and quality refrigeration units are all part of the technology used to help support Derry’s mission of a resounding commitment to quality and service.

With safety being of utmost importance to Derry Refrigerated Transport’s business, an investment in vehicle safety technology was an easy decision to make.  Although an expert team support the network of drivers on the road, there are still plenty of hazards on the roads with the potential to derail a delivery completely. With the interests of ensuring their client’s products arrive safely, Derry turned to Brigade for a camera monitoring solution that directly records footage. The system selected does not just help in the case of an accident or any false insurance claims that could be made, it also supports in driver training, encouraging professionalism and pride in driver’s work.

The footage is also displayed on a monitor inside the driver’s cab to help the driver avoid collisions with objects in their blind spots.  Derry’s drivers note the use of indicator triggers: when indicating left, the left-hand camera will show on the driver’s screen. This is a particularly helpful feature, especially when driving in urban environments where likes of cyclists or people pass on the inside of the vehicle.

“Having Brigade’s cameras installed has helped us recover vital data from the road, something you just wouldn’t have without them. It has been a pleasant experience working with Brigade, we’re really pleased with the products and the service, our drivers have benefitted greatly from this investment.” Chanté Loney, Fleet Maintenance