Choosing The Right Obstacle Detection System For Your Business

There’s no doubt that vehicle safety systems are proving to be essential tools in helping to make roads and worksites safer for everyone.

New legislation and initiatives to improve safety are likely to become more rigorous, so it’s no surprise that businesses involved in logistics and site machinery are increasingly investing in technology. But with multiple products on the market, understanding which system is right for your business can be confusing.

This is particularly true of object detection systems. This remarkable technology alerts the driver to moving and stationary objects outside the vehicle, including pedestrians and site workers. The systems alert the driver to dangers in the blindspot area that mirrors alone cannot detect, and they work even in very poor visibility conditions.

Choosing the right system

For building sites, quarries, agricultural and other busy worksites, our Backsense Radar Obstacle Detection provides the ultimate protection for both contractors and equipment.

Blind spots tend to be much larger on these vehicles and include not only the rear and nearside but also the front, especially vehicles with elevated driver positions. Terrains are often challenging and drivers are frequently required to work in poor visibility conditions such as thick dust and adverse weather.

Our Backsense Radar obstacle detection system detects stationary and moving objects, providing the driver with in-cab visual and audible warnings, alerting the operator whose attention cannot be focused on all danger areas at the same time.

Backsense obstacle detection sensors are waterproof and work effectively in harsh environments and in poor visibility including darkness, smoke and fog. Backsense is available in three pre-set width and length models and a fully programmable radar, allowing complete control of the radar beam pattern and detection area.

The system is suitable for harvesters, dumpers, tractors, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and excavators.

If you’re looking for a safety system for your road-going fleet of vehicles, look no further than our Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors Reducing blind spots and improving driver visibility are important issues for operators of road-going vehicles. Over the past few years, safety devices such as additional mirrors or camera systems that give wider viewing angles have become commonplace and even mandatory under blind spot legislation. But collisions with other vehicles, fixed objects, cyclists, workers and even pedestrians, remain problematic.

Our ultrasonic proximity sensors minimise both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or objects. The system is ideal for road-going commercial vehicles operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speed.

The detection system alerts the driver to obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary. Audible and visual in-cab alerts warn of distance while an optional external speaking alarm can be added to alert cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning.

Ultrasonic radars are suitable for articulated, rigid and waste trucks, as well as buses, coaches, vans and fuel tankers.

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