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Almost every week, cyclists and pedestrians die or are injured in collisions involving commercial vehicles. Many vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists, are unaware of the blind spot at the nearside of an HGV, leading to serious incidents because they have not been seen by the driver.

To help combat this problem, The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure invited representatives from the freight and logistics as well as cycling and traffic associations and the police to BMVI Berlin for ‘Aktion Abbiegeassistent’

Abbiegeassistent (Turn Assistant) proposes that trucks over 7.5t be fitted with a side camera and a sider sensor warning system to allow the driver to know if anything is in the nearside blind spot – especially important when the truck is turning right.

For the time being, Turn Assistant is voluntary, however this is likely to change within a few years with the BMVI pushing for mandatory retrofitting of blind spot technology to trucks. Major supermarket and logistic companies who are official partners of the BVMI campaign have already installed Brigade’s Turn Assistant devises to their fleets with many more companies planning to follow suit.

How Brigade Can Help

Brigade has been at the forefront of the side turn issue for many years. In 2012, following a series of cyclist fatalities in London, Crossrail, a major infrastructure project in the city, specified side turn technology for commercial vehicles entering its sites.

The initiative was followed by many other organisations and companies in the freight and construction industries across Europe who have now adopted side turn specifications.

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Featured Product

Sidescan® Ultrasonic Detection Sensors

Brigade’s ultrasonic proximity sensors minimise both vehicle damage and collisions with pedestrians, cyclists or objects. Perfect for road-going commercial vehicles operating in confined spaces or manoeuvring at low speed. The detection system alerts the driver of obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary. An audible and/or visual in-cab warning informs of distance whilst an external optional speaking alarm can be added to alert cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning.

Compliant with construction companies who require commercial vehicles to meet specific safety specifications.

Brigade’s range of ultrasonic sensor systems include Backscan®, Frontscan®, Sidescan®, Cornerscan™ and Stepscan™.

  • Gives peace of mind to the driver, greater protection to pedestrians, cyclists and workers
  • Minimises damage to vehicle, property and other objects

Featured Product

Brigade’s side-view camera

Camera Monitor Systems can help eliminate vehicle blind spots to prevent collisions.
Most cyclist fatalities happen at low speeds, typically at road junctions and when moving off from a stationary position. A flush-mount side-view camera solves this problem by giving the driver a clear view of the nearside blind spot, where vulnerable road users are often hidden from view.

  • Meets side view requirements of EU blind spot directive 2007/38/EC & 2003/97/EC (Class IV & V)
  • Removes the nearside blind spot
  • Reduces risk of collisions with cyclists and pedestrians
  • Reduces risk of sideswipe collisions with other vehicles
  • Provides full side view of trailer when reversing on full lock, including nearside rear corner
  • Reduced nearside vehicle damage

Turn Assistant Sensor Kits

Turn Assistant – 4 sensor kit

7″ Digital LCD MonitorVBV-770M
Flush-mount side cameraVBV-300C
Sidescan® – 4 sensor system with in-cab warning buzzerSS-4100W
Low speed trigger moduleLS-60-A
Turn indicator triggerTS-001ECU
5 metre camera cableVBV-L405


Turn Assistant – 2 sensor kit

7″ Digital LCD MonitorVBV-770M
Flush-mount side cameraVBV-300C
Sidescan® – 2 sensor system with in-cab warning buzzerSS-2100
Low speed trigger moduleLS-60-A
5 metre camera cableVBV-L405


Ultrasonic Detection On-Screen Display

Sensor data and camera image combined.

Working in conjunction with a camera monitor system and up to two ultrasonic detection systems, the on-screen display module warns the driver of obstacles close to the vehicle by overlaying 3-stage audible and visual ultrasonic data onto the camera image on the vehicle’s monitor.

  • Integration of Brigade’s ultrasonic obstacle detection systems and camera monitor systems to improve safety
  • Ultrasonic detection warnings overlaid onto camera image on in-cab monitor
  • Reduced driver stress and distractions as all information is in one view

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