Almost every week, cyclists and pedestrians die or are injured in collisions involving commercial vehicles. Many vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists, are unaware of the blind spot at the nearside of an HGV, leading to serious incidents because they have not been seen by the driver.

To help combat this problem, The Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure invited representatives from the freight and logistics as well as cycling and traffic associations and the police to BMVI Berlin for ‘Aktion Abbiegeassistent’.


Abbiegeassistent (Turn Assistant) proposes that trucks over 7.5t be fitted with a side camera and a sider sensor warning system to allow the driver to know if anything is in the nearside blind spot – especially important when the truck is turning right.

For the time being, Turn Assistant is voluntary, however this is likely to change within a few years with the BMVI pushing for mandatory retrofitting of blind spot technology to trucks. Major supermarket and logistic companies who are official partners of the BVMI campaign have already installed Brigade’s Turn Assistant devises to their fleets with many more companies planning to follow suit.