Coronavirus (COVID-19) Business Continuity Update


Following the latest UK Government update, Brigade has increased measures to ensure continuity of business and to protect the health of its employees.

Safety is in Brigade’s DNA and, as COVID-19 continues to spread across the world, I want you to know that the Brigade team is committed to providing employees with safe work environments so that our people can continue to deliver an exceptional level of supply, service and support to you and all our customers around the world.

To this end and in line with UK Government advice, we have already implemented wide-ranging measures including, but not limited to, the following:


Stock & Supply

Our supply chain remains fully operational and Brexit contingency plans have left us with plenty of stock in the system.  Our stock is spread across 6 warehouse locations in the UK and mainland Europe, plus 2 more in the USA and Canada, which means peace of mind through multiple back-up options should any warehouse have to close for a period of time.

We have also split our larger warehousing teams into smaller isolated groups and are training other employees to be able to pick, pack and despatch in case of need.  And our various couriers are all still maintaining a swift and efficient delivery for all our customers.


Social Distancing / Brigade Colleagues

As per the latest Government advice, our teams have been advised, where possible, to work from home until further notice. Our systems and logistics teams were already well-prepared for this eventuality, so we now have 55-60% of colleagues connected and working from home, all helping to ensure that service is maintained without interruption.

We cancelled all business travel and non-essential face-to-face meetings a week ago, as well as recommending that our colleagues avoid non-urgent personal travel.

Accordingly, we have cancelled our attendance at all 2020 exhibitions, conferences and other events – subject to review as and when the current situation changes.  Nevertheless, our team will reach out to you in other ways and keep you informed of our exciting new product and service introductions throughout this year!



Our team of experts continue to be on hand for you as normal.  You can reach our Customer Services, Sales Representatives and Technical Support Teams on their usual contact numbers.  Face-to-face meetings will of course be replaced by different channels; telephone, email, skype etc.