DVS Safe System kits

Why install a DVS Safe System kit?

The Direct Vision Standard came into force in October 2020. It requires all goods vehicles weighing more than 12 tonnes to possess a permit to drive in Greater London. Permits are issued based on a vehicle’s star rating. However, for vehicles that do not meet the minimum rating of one star (increasing to three stars in 2024), they will need to be equipped with the Safe System – a series of vehicle safety measures to improve and aid the driver’s indirect vision.

Fitting the Safe System will not alter a vehicle’s star rating, but it will mean operators are eligible for a permit and can driver in Greater London.

To find out your vehicle’s star rating, please use our free star rating service.

Brigade’s DVS Safe System kit

Brigade has created specially compiled DVS Safe System kits to help streamline the process of ensuring vehicles are correctly fitted to the required standard and that a permit can be issued successfully without delays.

Kits are available in two different types – rigid vehicles and articulated vehicles. The DVS Safe System kit includes everything a fleet operator needs to meet the Safe System requirements. This includes side cameras, ultrasonic sensors and a warning alarm.

Our DVS Safe System kits are compliant with the Direct Vision Standard, as well as all relevant regional laws across the EU, meaning fleet operators can be confident that they are meeting the necessary legal requirements.

Flush Mount Side View Camera

A camera system that monitors the near side vehicle blind spot.

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Sidescan® Sensor System

Four sensor system to inform driver of objects within close proximity in the near side blind spot where cyclists or pedestrians can go undetected. Activated by the left turn indicator.

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Side Turn Warning Alarm

Side turn warning for cyclists/pedestrians. Activates on left turn indication. A combination of white sound® and real speech.

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