Noise Awareness Day

bbs-tek® – het veiligste achteruitrij-alarm ter wereld

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the International Noise Awareness Day, aiming to raise awareness of noise on the welfare and health of people.

bbs-tek® white sound® alarms are a revolutionary new generation of warning alarm. They are the safest reversing alarms in the world and do not cause a noise nuisance. Already fitted across a range of industries from mobile plant machinery to airport luggage buggies, bbs-tek® is fast becoming the back-up alarm of choice. In fact, in New York City it is one of the only alarms permitted on construction vehicles.

Brigade’s vision is to ensure that every commercial vehicle is fitted with a white sound alarm to reduce reversing fatalities.

•    Provides an effective danger warning
•    Alarm sound is instantly locatable
•    Heard only where it matters
•    Approved by the Noise Abatement Society
•    Certified by NAS/PIEK for night-time delivery

Our patented white sound reversing alarms aren’t just the safest alarms in the world due to their instant locatability and directional sound, but with the inclusion of our self adjusting models, they’re also the smartest. bbs-tek smart reversing alarms continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above the background noise level, making them ideal for environments with varying levels of noise.

•    Continually adjust to 5-10 decibels above ambient noise level.
•    Ideal for varying environments

The environmental benefits of white sound alarms have resulted in them being awarded the Quiet Mark and endorsed by the Noise Abatement Society, with certain models certified by PIEK, the Dutch authority set up to regulate quiet night-time deliveries in Europe. By fitting white sound alarms, companies can now benefit from cost and time savings by operating at night on quiet roads, without compromising on safety.