Radar Predict – Radar Detection System

What is Radar Predict?

Brigade’s award winning Radar Predict advanced collision prediction system specifically designed to protect cyclists from collisions with HGVs. Using AI technology, the single dual-radar analyses data such as the speed and direction of both the vehicle and the cyclist. By differentiating between static and moving objects, the Radar Predict algorithm alerts the driver when an impact with a cyclist is likely.

Ideal for articulated vehicles, Radar Predict incorporates a trailer discovery mode to eliminate false alerts when the vehicle is turning. This cutting-edge technology aids drivers by presenting visual cues via yellow warning LEDs and audible alerts, guaranteeing prompt intervention and the protection of road users from possible collisions.

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How does it work?

The unit is positioned on the nearside of the truck and gives complete coverage to the side of the vehicle, including the trailer unit coverage. The driver is alerted if a cyclist enters the detection zone and receives a second warning if a collision is predicted.

The radar detection system issues warnings in three distinct levels:

  • Level 1 Warning: This activates when the steering wheel angle is under 30 degrees, and a cyclist or pedestrian enters the warning zone. In this instance, a section of orange warning LEDs illuminates.
  • Level 2 Warning: When the vehicle turns left with a steering wheel angle exceeding 30 degrees, and a collision with a cyclist or pedestrian is anticipated within a specific timeframe, Radar Predict triggers a Level 2 warning. Orange warning LEDs begin to flash in this situation.
  • Level 3 Warning: If the vehicle turns left, the steering wheel angle surpasses 30 degrees or the turn indicator is activated, and a collision becomes imminent, Radar Predict initiates a Level 3 warning. This includes flashing orange warning LEDs and an audible alert. The corresponding section of orange warning light LEDs assists the driver in identifying the cyclist’s position.