See the bigger picture

Brigade's monitors in range of sizes to suit all applications

Large vehicles operating in busy or tight environments are a safety challenge to any driver, and good visibility is critical to avoiding collisions.

Brigade understands that vehicle safety requires reliable, high quality products. The VBV-7104FM Multi-image 10.4″ Digital LCD Monitor offers drivers a large viewing area for a single, split-screen or picture-in-picture image, enabling them to watch multiple hazard areas while making a manoeuvre.

When manoeuvring a large vehicle the driver requires the best possible assistance to see potential hazard areas clearly, and often needs to check several danger zones simultaneously. While that is possible on a standard 7″ monitor, a larger screen size makes it easier to assess risks as they come into view, especially when using splitscreen technology.

The financial impact of property or vehicle damage and the associated downtime can be significant, yet even that is small compared to the emotional and corporate costs for all concerned when personal injury is involved. Keeping these incidents to a minimum is crucial, and a clear view can make a significant contribution.

  • Large screen for clear visibility
  • Multi-image split screen
  • 4 camera inputs
  • Mirror/normal view
  • 5 Auto-triggers
  • On-screen distance markers
  • Automatic low light sensor
  • Remote control