Town of Cochrane Adopts Brigade’s bbs-tek® Backup Alarms

Cochrane adopts Brigade's bbs-tek® reversing alarm to improve reversing safety

“Cochrane resident Kevin Shier had been attempting to resolve noise issues for many years with little success, with some residents selling their homes and others on the verge, as a result of vehicle backup beepers operating around the clock,” writes Today’s Trucking Magazine.

Today’s Trucking investigates Kevin’s story and how the instalment of Brigade’s alarms has immediately provided positive results.

Cochrane, like many places across Canada, has construction and trucking sites and yards, which cause a noise nuisance, disturbing the local community due to the constant “beep-beep” of reversing alarms heard for miles around. And while regulations require that a reversing alarm must be an “audible warning device” it does not state the type of sound the alarm must make.

Based on this, Shier took this information to the town’s local heavy vehicle companies.

“We found that many companies were cautious of replacing their current reversing alarm with Brigade’s white sound alarm, without fully understanding whether it would impact their insurances or vehicle warrantees. We were able to go away and answer all of their questions positively, finding that replacing the alarms wouldn’t cause any negative impact,” he said.

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