Backeye®360 – intelligent support from a world-leading vehicle safety system

Ever since Brigade’s first product was launched onto the UK market in the late 1970s, innovation has been the driving force behind our mission to prevent collisions and save lives.

Tackling blind spots on vehicles has been a key element of our research and while mirrors and single-view cameras can help, the driver still might not see everything in the vehicle’s path.

Safer roads for everyone

In the US, accidents caused by blind spots continue to be a problem.  Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year in the United States resulting in 300 fatalities. This is partly due to individuals not adjusting their mirrors properly, or not properly checking their blind spots before changing lanes.

In response to these issues, vehicle safety solution technology eliminates blind spots around the vehicle alerting the driver if an object or pedestrian is in the danger zone. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) declared on May 1, 2018, all cars, SUVs, trucks and vans are required to have a rear-view camera safety system.

Reducing collisions and assisting drivers

Our recent survey of drivers, fleet managers and other industry professionals found more than half agreed that vehicle cameras and recording technology improved driver behavior and decreased incident reports. Additionally, 29% of those questioned said that personal injury claims had dropped, while 32% had seen a reduction in insurance costs.

Brigade’s best-selling Backeye®360  has been supporting drivers and improving safety for many years. This intelligent camera monitor system allows drivers to keep a close eye on blind spots at the back and sides of their vehicles so they can instantly see people, objects, and other vehicles in the vicinity.

The four-camera technology is designed to eliminate vehicle blind spots and assist maneuverability in challenging situations by providing the driver with a complete 360-degree view of their vehicle in a single image. The system combines images from four ultra-wide-angle cameras, providing a real-time view on the monitor in the cab. The result is a ‘bird’s-eye-view’ of the vehicle and surrounding area.

Each Backeye®360 installation and calibration are unique and configured to meet the requirements of the vehicle and its user. Compatible with virtually any rigid vehicle or machine, large or small, the Backeye®360’s versatility means there are solutions suitable for both on and off-road applications.

Combatting blind spots with high definition technology

Brigade’s latest addition to the Backeye®360 family is the BN360-300, which gives drivers a clear and crisp image thanks to its new high definition specification. This makes it ideal for industries such as construction and quarrying where safety is a huge concern as well as recording and providing clear images that may be required for gathering evidence.

One company which has invested in Brigade’s Backeye®360 is Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP)The company made a significant investment in safety technology, equipping 70 trucks with Backeye®360 to reduce collisions and save lives. Workers and pedestrians within a 13 feet radius of the vehicle are now in full sight of the driver, significantly reducing the risk of collisions and providing enhanced protection.

To find out more about how our product range can help you to prevent collisions and save lives, please get in touch.