Brigade Fits Recording Systems to Kier refuse vehicles for added safety

Brigade Electronics has worked with Kier Environmental to install CCTV solutions in its refuse vehicles in Walthamstow. The 40 strong 20 to 29 tons vehicles now have added security measures to monitor and protect its vehicles.

Kier Environmental has a weekly recycling and waste removal contract with Walthamstow Forest Borough Council district, and the decision was made to increase security after its vehicles had suffered damage. In the first four weeks, Kier were able to refute a number of claims.

Brigade Electronics, alongside approved fitter TNK Engineering, a mobile service provider of installation and repairs of safety systems fitted four-camera digital recording systems to the refuse vehicles Kier Environmental has in operation.

The MDR systems Kier Environmental are using will record after the vehicle ignition has been switched off, this effectively creates a 24 hour CCTV security for the depot.

Two of the systems have been set to record on motion detection so that if a vehicle or person is near the vehicle, the MDR will record for up to 30 minutes. The other systems are set to post record so that there is coverage between shifts.

“For us to manage a London Borough contract, installing added security measures protects all parties; from our frontline fleet, to cyclists.

The installation of the equipment was effective and we are already seeing the benefits. The standard and efficiency of the work carried out by TNK Engineering was impressive.”

Simon Whitelock, transport manager for Kier Environmental

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