Bumper Cameras – The essential camera you need for your commercial vehicle

Bumper cameras are an excellent retrofit option for vans and trucks to ensure you can reverse in safety. However, with fatal accidents involving a reversing vehicle, there are still many who can adopt a camera and heighten best safety practice.

Brigade’s bumper cameras provide a complete picture of the rear blind spot so that you can see everything that is immediately behind your vehicle and therefore judge as to whether a safe reversing maneuver can be performed.

Vehicle repairs can become costly and time consuming, leaving your vehicle off the road for weeks. Taking preventative measures and installing a reversing camera will ensure you will not have to think about repairs or insurance claims, helping you to avoid pesky bollards and hidden street furniture that get in the way of your bumper. Cameras can make all the difference to your driving style, giving you a full view of everything in your path.

The Essential Camera Monitor System

Brigade’s latest offering is the ‘Essential Camera Monitoring System’, a cost-effective reversing camera that comes with the same quality and service that is expected by our customers. A perfect solution at a fraction of the cost of potential vehicle repairs and time off the road.

The camera should be installed at the very top of the rear of the vehicle looking down at a 45° angle with the bumper just in sight. This gives your perspective of how far away an object or person may be from your bumper, allowing time to take evasive action.

Your first year with the Essential Camera Monitor System will be worry free thanks to Brigade’s 1-year warranty, avoiding expense if the camera system happened to have a fault.

The 18 LEDs on the face of the camera emit infrared light to ensure safety can be upheld when reversing at night. The camera automatically switches its LEDs on when light is low, displaying everything in the darkness clearly on the monitor inside the cab.

For added safety, a second camera can be connected to the monitor to provide a different view. Switching between these views can be done at the touch of button, in almost an instant.

Simple Safety

With a quick and easy installation process we can ensure your vehicle is fitted with no hassle. Contact us today to find out how we can help your fleet.