Volvo Construction Equipment

vehicle safety products for articulated wheel loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment Install Brigade Reversing Alarms, 360-degree Cameras, and Radar Obstacle Detection Systems.

A high level of activity takes place at Volvo Maskin headquarters Mastemyr, outside Oslo, a high level of activity takes place. Volvo Construction Equipment including wheel loaders run for many hours every day to move equipment and pallets.

In order to demonstrate their commitment to safety, Jarle Bjørløw, product manager for service wheel loaders at Volvo Construction Equipment, has installed a “full package” of Brigade products.

Each machine has been fitted with a bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarm, Backeye®360 camera monitor system and a Backsense® radar obstacle detection system.

The Backsense® continuous wave radar is an active safety system that can be programmed to detect obstacles from 3 to 30 meters. The driver is immediately alerted of something or someone coming into the rear danger zone through both visual and audible warnings.

The Backeye®360 camera system uses images from 4 cameras to produce a single 360-degree view around the vehicle, eliminating blind spots. Research has shown that in the time it takes for a driver to check four mirrors, consider these and react, even at speeds as low as 5 km/h, the vehicle may have moved by up to 10 meters. Backeye®360 is designed to reduce the time the driver has to run “blind”.

Jarle Bjorlow, Product Manager for wheel loaders, Volvo Construction Equipment, believes, ‘that there will be demands for better surveillance technology on large vehicles in the future’.