Construction Industry Safety Concerns at CONEXPO, Las Vegas

Brigade will be joining over 2000 other exhibitors at CONEXPO, Las Vegas, to present our safety solutions to the construction industry. You can find us at booth S62645 on March 10th – 14th for this year’s show.

But just how big an issue is safety to the construction industry and how can we help?

A Safety Concern

Research by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has revealed that one of the four leading causes of fatalities to workers in the industry is being struck by an object. Eliminating this hazard would help to save numerous workers’ lives across America.

Workers in the construction industry are at risk in several areas when operating vehicles or heavy equipment. These include:

  • Collisions due to rear, front and side blind spots
  • Collisions due to poor visibility, such as harsh weather conditions, and working at night
  • Site workers being struck by vehicles and mobile machines
  • Hearing protection reducing site workers’ ability to hear clearly approaching vehicles
  • Old-fashioned tonal back-up alarms being ignored or not heard by site workers

In such a high-risk industry, organizations are increasingly choosing to invest in enhanced safety systems to protect their workers and keep their reputations intact.

Technology Innovations

A range of safety systems is available to assist in keeping workers safe. On-board camera systems can help to alert drivers to possible dangers, while back-up and warning alarms alert workers when a vehicle is maneuvering near them.

Unlike old-fashioned tonal alarms, Brigade’s bbs-tek® White Sound® back-up alarm creates a ‘ssh-ssh’ sound, which dissipates quickly. This means it can only be heard in the danger zone, so there is more chance of workers paying attention. The broadband frequency also gives workers wearing hearing protection a better chance of hearing the alarm.

Sensing Risk

Blind spots on large worksite vehicles and machinery, including concrete trucks, can be particularly deadly. The front, rear, and nearside are problematic areas of vehicles, particularly those with elevated driver positions. Harsh construction site terrains, where thick dust and mud often decrease visibility even more, further increasing the risk of collisions.

Brigade’s Backsense® Radar Obstacle Detection works by emitting a frequency modulated continuous-wave radar that is faster than pulsed-radar products. Continuous-wave radar protects against false alerts, thanks to the controlled beam pattern, which can be programmed, allowing organizations to fix a custom detection area specifically suited to their needs. When a moving or stationary object is detected, the driver is alerted via an in-cab visual display and an audible warning.

While it may not be possible to eliminate every element of risk when maneuvering heavy equipment and machinery, radar obstacle detection is a step forward in protecting the lives of vehicle operators and those who work around them.

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