ELITE Heavy Duty Vehicle Safety Systems – toughness and durability when you need it most

At Brigade, we are committed to ensuring we manufacture only the highest quality safety devices at the most competitive prices. We have a wide range of commercial vehicle safety systems to suit a variety of situations and we ensure each one is tailored to meet an operator’s requirements, as well as multiple vehicle types. 

Over the years, we have been extremely proud to observe how road and worksite safety has been consistently improved due to vehicle safety systems. This includes industries that are traditionally more hazardous by nature, such as construction, agriculture, mining and quarrying – all of which involve workers having to operate in difficult conditions and harsh environments.

Risks from moving vehicles and machinery on worksites are manifold with reversing incidents being one of the most common causes of death for groundworkers. Safety technology is constantly evolving to address the vast array of potential hazards that could take place on a worksite and eliminating vehicle blind spots with safety devices has been pivotal to improving safety conditions for workers.

The size and weight of vehicles and mobile plant pose a very real danger to site workers if safety measures and precautions are not adhered to. Driver visibility on large vehicles and machinery is already compromised by vehicle blind spots and this is often made worse by thick dust and dirt, poor weather and low light.

Severe conditions require the need for equipment that not only aids the driver’s understanding of the surroundings, keeping vehicles and workers safe, but can also withstand anything the terrain throws at it.

Reliable performance for the toughest conditions

Our range of ELITE Heavy Duty Vehicle Safety Systems has been specifically designed for the harshest conditions. Rigorously test to extremely high standards, our ELITE products offer superior components and enhanced build quality that deliver outstanding and consistent performance in the most difficult situations and toughest terrains. This exceptional build quality is reflected in our warranties of 3-year, 5-year, and lifetime terms.

The ELITE range is suitable for a variety of heavy duty applications, including N2 and N3 HGVs, on/off-highway vehicles, agricultural machinery and mobile plant used on construction, civil engineering, quarrying and mining sites. Products featured in the range include:

The Backsense® Radar Object Detection System, which detects people and objects in a vehicle’s blind spot, whether stationary or moving, up to 30m away

The Backeye® Monitor, which enables drivers and operators to see blind spots via a live feed to an in-cab monitor helping them to maneuver and drive safely.

Backeye® Cameras, which offer a wide, dynamic range for improved detail in shadows and highlights. These cameras can be used on a range of on and off-road applications to meet a host of health & safety and legislative requirements.

Backeye® Shutter Cameras, which are ideal for use in environments that involve mud, dirt and dust that could obscure the camera lens. The automatic shutter function means the lens cover will only open when triggered by engaging the vehicle’s reverse gear, meaning it remains protected while it is not in use.

bbs-tek® White Sound® Back Up Alarms, which are vital for warning groundworkers and pedestrians when a vehicle is maneuvering. White Sound® alarms are the safest in the world due to their instantly locatable and directional ‘ssh-ssh’ sound that can be heard in the noisiest conditions, even when a groundworker is wearing ear defenders.

The ELITE range is waterproof and dustproof to IP69K and IP68 standards, shockproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40° up to +70° or 85° Celsius (depending on the product).

For further information about our full range of safety solutions or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.