How Brigade is helping to cultivate safety in agriculture

The agriculture industry has a high rate of fatalities and serious injuries, ranking among the most dangerous professions in the United States. 

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health identified machinery-related accidents as the second leading cause of traumatic occupational fatalities. Tractors had both the highest frequency and fatality rates of all machinery types, followed by harvesting machinery and power tools.

The well-being of our farmers and agricultural workers is vital to strong communities and the U.S. economy. Technology reduces the safety hazards around large equipment and machinery protecting farm workers and children.

Safety solutions– protection for all

Blind spots are a frequent problem for agricultural machinery just like they are for other large vehicles, such as HGVs. Operator visibility is frequently impaired, even in modern machinery is designed to offer maximum efficiency to increase yield and productivity.

Our state-of-the-art camera systems, radar obstacle detection, back up and warning alarms and vehicle CCTV have helped to transform farming safety for customers all over the world. For example, Brigade’s Backeye®360 camera monitor systems use four cameras to create one bird’s-eye image of the area surrounding an agricultural vehicle. Drivers can monitor the camera picture in real time, helping them with manoeuvres without having to check multiple mirrors.

Our Radar On-Screen Display (OSD) integrates up to two sensors and a camera. The on-screen display warns the driver of obstacles in the danger zone by overlaying 5-stage audible and visual radar data onto the camera image on the monitor. Our Radar IP69K Water and Dust Proof Display has a 5-stage adjustable audible and visual distance warning display. It works in all terrains and weather conditions making it suitable for vehicles with external cabs or those exposed to the elements.

Brigade’s safety devices in action

One company that has benefited from fitting Brigade’s safety devices is grape harvester Gregoire. Its fleet of harvesters became the first in the wine industry to include an integrated camera system that eliminates blind spots around the entire vehicle.

Gregoire fitted Brigade’s best-selling Backeye®360 and Radar On-Screen Display allowing drivers to tend to their work in complete confidence and ensuring ground workers would be protected from harm.

Brigade’s products are a superb safety choice for machines while being driven on farmland or while they are in use on public roads.

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