Improving safety at bus stops

Millions of passengers in the US rely on buses as their preferred mode of public transport, travelling to and from work and school, or popping to shops or for an evening out.

Although bus travel is a relatively safe way to travel – particularly when compared to driving and cycling – many accidents do happen, resulting in injuries and even fatalities.

One area of concern is safety at bus stops, where buses frequently stop and start to allow passengers to board and alight, often in congested urban areas.

The high number of incidents in London prompted Greater London Authority assembly to call for more action to improve bus safety. They highlighted the fact that there were 1,231 injuries in 2017, adding: “[TfL’s] 12-year target for zero deaths is not nearly ambitious enough, particularly when the number of collisions is getting worse. TfL’s efforts appear largely focused on improving emergency braking, but technology exists that eliminates blind spots and can be retro-fitted to buses.”

Tackling blind spots

Driving a bus presents a difficult set of challenges. As well as distractions from passengers, drivers have to pull up to and exit bus stops safely, manoeuvring in close proximity to other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians.

Blind spot vehicle safety cameras and sensor systems can be an invaluable support for drivers, helping them to monitor what’s happening around their vehicles, as well as inside the bus itself.

Brigade’s best-selling Backeye®360, allows drivers to keep a close eye on blind spots at the back and sides of their buses so they can instantly see vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians in the road.

This intelligent four-camera technology is designed to eliminate vehicle blind spots and assist low-speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with a complete 360 degrees view of their vehicle in a single image.

The system combines images from four ultra-wide-angle cameras, providing a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the vehicle and surrounding area. This is essential for bus drivers when stopping at bus stops frequently, especially in urban areas, and helps reduce the risk of collisions with people and objects, and to avoid damage to the vehicle itself.

We have other products to help increase safety, too. Our Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection system alerts the driver of people or obstacles close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary. An audible and/or visual warning alerts the driver to the distance between their vehicle and a pedestrian or other road user.

All of our vehicle safety products can be retro-fitted to buses and other vehicles. We’re proud to be working to create a safer environment for passengers, drivers and other road users.

If you’d like more information about our range of vehicle safety products, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.