Improving safety at seaports and airports

Seaports and airports can be hazardous places to operate in – cargo is continuously loaded and offloaded, whatever the weather, while multiple vehicles come and go at all times of day and night. Workers often share the same workspace as heavy machinery and goods vehicles, all traveling at various speeds and in different directions – it’s no wonder that the potential for accidents is huge.

One of the major risks workers face is being struck by a vehicle. Nearly half of injuries at airports are caused by collisions with moving vehicles, while the majority of accidents at sea ports occur in the cargo handling area, and 35% of these involve vehicles.

Hazards at seaports and airports include:

  • Pedestrians and objects being struck due to vehicle blind spots.
  • Inability to see pedestrians/co-workers due to adverse weather and nighttime conditions.
  • Reversing accidents.
  • Workers wearing ear protection unable to hear approaching vehicles.
  • Pedestrians disorientated by multiple tonal vehicle alarms.
  • Tonal alarms masking the sound of other approaching vehicles.
  • Electrically-powered vehicles are virtually silent, making it difficult for people to hear them approaching.

Brigade can help with vehicle safety solutions

We’re working with airports and seaports to retrofit our Backeye®360 onto port vehicles including tugs, vans, coaches, reach stackers and catering trucks. Backeye®360 completely eliminates blind spots and provides a 360-degree bird’s eye view of the vehicle and its surroundings.

Our ultrasonic sensors are also ideal for use in confined spaces or maneuvring at low speeds. The driver is alerted to obstacles or people close to the vehicle, whether moving or stationary.

The increased use of electric vehicles – often used to transport passengers, luggage and trolleys around airports – poses another potential accident risk as they are largely silent. Our Quiet Vehicle Sounder and multi-frequency reversing alarms enhance safety for pedestrians.

A safer world

We’re passionate about our objective to prevent vehicle collisions and save lives. If you’d like more information about our products, please get in touch.