Empower Your Electric Utility Fleet with Brigade Products

As a power utility company, you don’t simply supply energy – you give people a real sense of reliability.

At Brigade, We do the same.

Embrace the power of safety with Brigade Electronics, an industry leader in robust vehicle safety systems for electric utility companies. We believe in a partnership that extends beyond products to service, offering unwavering support and dependable safety solutions for your bucket trucks and other vehicles.

Utility vehicles operate in a variety of complex environments that require a range of devices to keep them safe. Our cutting-edge alarms, cameras, and obstacle-detection equipment are designed to endure tough challenges, prevent unseen accidents, and save lives daily.

Our products are built to last, withstanding daily exposure to the elements, unpredictable conditions, and years of heavy use. We offer one of the industry’s most competitive warranties, although you’ll likely never need to use it.

At Brigade we work to empower your fleet with heightened security while fostering relationships built on trust. Partner with Brigade – You’re Safer With Us.

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Compatible vehicles

  • Vehicle safety products for backhoe loaders
  • Vehicle safety products for combine harvester
  • Vehicle safety products for tractors
  • vehicle safety products for wheel loaders

    Outfit your fleet with reliable and durable solutions

    With our range of devices, you can eliminate blind spots, prevent costly vehicle damage, and most importantly, save lives.

    bbs-tek® White Sound®

    Our patented reversing alarms are designed to be heard, not just seen, making them ideal for utility vehicles.

    Brigade Warning Alarms are the safest in the world due to their instant locatability and directional sound. The alarm is only heard in the danger zone, thus eliminating noise nuisance.

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    Backeye® 360

    Our award-winning camera system provides drivers with a 360-degree view of their vehicle, eliminating blind spots and improving safety.

    360° vehicle camera systems are intelligent camera monitor products designed to assist low-speed maneuverability by providing the driver with a real-time surround view of the vehicle in a single image.

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    Mobile Digital Recording (DVR)

    Our mobile digital recorder captures high-quality footage of any incidents, providing valuable evidence in the event of an accident.

    Incidents involving vehicles can be time-consuming and costly to resolve. A lack of solid evidence often means that companies will automatically accept liability. However, these easy settlements have led to an increase in cases against operators who are considered soft targets.

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    Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

    Our ultrasonic detection systems provide reliable and accurate detection of obstacles and other vehicles, helping to prevent accidents and reduce costly downtime.

    Accidents and collisions can be a major source of expense and lost productivity for businesses. Without effective detection systems, operators are at risk of missing potential hazards and causing damage to their vehicles or property. Our ultrasonic detection systems provide a reliable solution, ensuring that operators have the information they need to make informed decisions and avoid costly accidents.

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    Ready to empower your utility fleet with Brigade Electronics safety solutions?

    Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business. Don’t wait, take the first step towards a safer and more productive fleet.