Introducing Brigade Electronics’ Artificial Intelligence Cameras: A Game-Changer in Commercial Vehicle Safety

Discover how our innovative AI Cameras are revolutionizing road safety by detecting vulnerable road users in real-time.

At Brigade Electronics, we are proud to continue our commitment to making roads and worksites safer for all. As a market leader in commercial vehicle safety systems since 1976, we have always been at the forefront of innovative vehicle safety solutions. Today, we are excited to introduce our game-changing AI (Artificial Intelligence) cameras, specifically designed to increase safety for commercial vehicles globally.

AI Cameras: Key Features and Benefits

Our AI Cameras stands out from traditional vehicle cameras with their impressive features. They utilize a high-definition (HD) camera with embedded processing power to accurately identify human shape within the detection range, significantly reducing false positive warnings. One of the standout features of these AI Cameras is their ‘plug and play’ ease of installation. Although it is essential to find the right position for the camera, the process is straightforward. Furthermore, this camera has an IP69K rating which means it is protected against ingress of dust, high temperature and high-pressure water. 

Another key advantage of AI Cameras is their exceptionally quick reaction time. Almost instantaneous in identifying VRUs (Vulnerable Road Users), the cameras recognize that every second counts when it comes to preventing collisions and saving lives. 

Industry Experts Praise AI Cameras

Experts in the industry are praising the introduction of AI Cameras as a breakthrough in commercial vehicle safety. Thierry Bourgeay, Senior Product Manager commented, “The introduction of AI Cameras to Brigade Electronics product portfolio is set to make a significant impact on the commercial vehicle safety landscape. Their advanced features and capabilities make them an invaluable tool for fleet operators and drivers, ensuring that our roads are safer and more secure than ever before.”


Experience the Future of Road Safety Technology

To discover more about AI Cameras and how they can help improve safety for commercial vehicles, visit our product page 

In conclusion, the introduction of AI Cameras by Brigade Electronics marks a significant milestone in the evolution of commercial vehicle safety technology. By offering a powerful combination of advanced features, superior performance, and ease of installation, these innovative cameras are set to become an essential tool for fleet operators and drivers alike. With a growing interest in cycling and pedestrian traffic, there has never been a better time to invest in the next generation of road safety solutions.