Our personal pledge to every Brigade customer

When Chris Hanson-Abbott founded Brigade Electronics in 1976, his mission was clear: to cut the number of fatalities on the road by improving vehicle safety.

To do this, not only would Brigade need to develop pioneering, top-quality products, but the sale of those products would have to be backed up by outstanding customer service.

From the original ‘beep beep’ reversing alarms of the 1970s to the current cutting-edge range of camera monitoring systems, White Sound® alarms, obstacle detection sensors and digital recorders, Brigade’s products have evolved dramatically over the decades. But that commitment to customer service has never changed, and we remain dedicated to providing a service that’s professional, transparent, and highly efficient.

From initial enquiry right through to after-sales support, here’s a run-down of our sales process and why we believe it’s second to none in the industry.

Initial enquiry

Perhaps you’ve heard about us through recommendation, met us at a trade show, or read about Brigade in the industry press. If you’re interested in our products and their applications, you can find detailed information and vehicle-specific solutions here on our website.

For an even greater level of detail, we can supply all specifications, drawings, and certifications.

Product demonstration

Sometimes seeing a device in action is the best way to judge its effectiveness. We are always happy to arrange demos, whether at our Portland, IN, at one of our approved partner’s premises, or at your business HQ. It’s also worth checking out our case studies for an overview of how Brigade products have transformed vehicle safety for our customers.

Fair and transparent pricing

Our genuine, precision-made products are rigorously tested to the highest international standards. We never compromise on quality. Brigade Electronics’ products might not be the cheapest safety devices on the market, but our customers understand that quality delivers results. Investing in sound and reliable technology offers long-term savings and benefits, protecting drivers and the vulnerable road users around them.

Product Fitting

Our approved, trained fitters and BSP’s will do all they can to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, because we understand how disruptive it is to have vehicles or machinery off the road or work site. Wherever possible, fitters will work around your schedule to ensure that operations are not affected.


Our safety systems are designed to be simple and intuitive for drivers to use. Some, such as bbs-tek® White Sound® alarms, will trigger automatically and therefore need no driver input at all. But where training is required, for example in the use of mobile digital recording, we will offer support to ensure you get the very best from Brigade’s products.

Warranties and after-service

To reflect the confidence, we place in our products, we provide one, two, three, five-year and, in the case of some products, lifetime warranties. Your local Brigade service partner is always on hand to offer after-sales support and carry out servicing or warranty work if required.

Get in touch

It’s clear that without our quality products and the customer service to match, we would not be the company we are today. We’re incredibly proud of Brigade’s progress, and we look forward too many more decades of success.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us at 260-766-4343, or via our contact form.