IP Cameras

Why Connect IP Cameras to a Vehicle?

Vehicle collisions and incidents can be time-consuming and costly to resolve, so having recorded footage where there are conflicting reports of events or by being able to prove a staged accident is invaluable to any company.

Connecting Internet Protocol (IP) Cameras and a Network Expansion Module to a vehicle in addition to standard analogue cameras, increases the number of channels available to a Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR): Up to 6 cameras can be connected to the 4-channel MDR and up to 16 cameras to the 8-channel MDR.

Brigade IP Camera

How do IP Cameras for Vehicles Work?

An Internet Protocol (IP) Camera is a high-definition digital camera with its own IP address. Instead of transmitting video over a video cable to a monitor or MDR, the IP camera transmits digital video to the MDR over a data connection (ethernet cable) where the images are saved to the HDD memory.

Brigade Expansion Modules use Power Over Network (PON) Switch technology to expand the channel capability of the MDR by transmitting digital video images from IP cameras over the top of existing analogue video cables/signals. The MDR on-screen display allows easy camera set up without need for specific IP camera knowledge.

IP Camera Connectors Diagram

The IP Camera Range

All IP cameras feature high definition video, web browser access and CMOS technology which means there is no smear and less blooming on the image in harsh light.

IP-1000C IP Camera
IP-1000C – Internal forward-facing camera

Brigade’s Forward-Facing camera is flush mounted to the windscreen, avoiding reflections and giving high quality video of the road ahead and includes a microphone for recording audio.

Brigade IP Camera 1100C
IP-1100C – Surface-mount camera

This IP67 Surface Mount Camera has been designed to be vertically mounted internally or externally to monitor passengers, loads, tail lifts etc.

  • Built-in G-sensor for automatic image orientation.
  • High power IR LEDs for low-light performance.
Brigade IP Camera 1200C
IP-1200C – Surface-mount dome camera

Brigade’s surface-mount dome camera is ideal for monitoring of the driver cabin or load areas. 1080p resolution ensures footage is clear in the event of a security incident.

Expansion Module

The PON 4 Channel & 8 Channel switch expands the channel capability of the MDR by enabling the edition of IP Cameras.

A Brigade Expansion Module is a Power Over Network or Ethernet (PON or PoE) switch which allows the connection of multiple IP devices (cameras) to the single Ethernet connection on a Brigade MDR. The Expansion Modules also provide power to the cameras over the ethernet cable, so a local power connection is not needed at the mounting point of the camera.

  • IP-EM4 – PON 4-channel switch adds 2 channels to the MDR-504 or up to 4 channels to the MDR-508.
  • IP-EM8 – PON 8-channel switch adds up to 8 channels to the MDR-508.

Note: Latency is the time lag between the camera and display which affects all digital video applications to some degree. Due to latency of IP cameras (~800ms) they should only be used for recording purposes, and not as a driver aid for manoeuvring or blind-spot monitoring. Live images of external IP camera views should not be presented on the driver’s monitor via the MDR.



IP Camera PON Swicth




IP Camera Cables



Accessories & Cables

We have a number of accessories and cables available for IP Cameras including a variety of different length extension cables and ethernet cables. An IP Power and Ethernet Cable which connects a single IP camera to the MDR without the need for a PON switch is also available.

IP Cameras = More Channels available on your MDR


MDR-504 with Adapter Cable4 x Analogue channels plus 1 x IP channel= 5 channels
MDR-504 with 4 Channel PON Switch4 x Analogue channels plus 2 x IP channel= 6 channels
MDR-508 with Adapter Cable8 x Analogue channels plus 1 x IP channel= 9 channels
MDR-508 with 8 Channel PON Switch8 x Analogue channels plus up to 8 x IP channel= 16 channels
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