The Importance Of Active Safety Technology – If The Driver Is Not Looking, They Will Not See

Driver visibility is key to maintaining road safety. What a driver can see from their position inside a vehicle plays an important role in directing road safety legislation. However, direct vision, i.e. what a driver can see directly through their vehicle’s windows, is not enough to prevent collisions caused by blind spots.

If the driver is not looking, they will not see

While driver visibility can be aided by passive systems, such as mirrors and cameras, these still require driver input in order to spot objects or people. In the time it takes a driver to check mirrors and react, a vehicle could travel as far as 10 metres, even at speeds as low as 3mph.

A camera or mirror alone will not alert a driver should a person or object be in a blind spot. If the driver is not looking, they will not see that something is in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle. This is why vehicle safety systems that require a driver to take immediate action through the provision of audible alerts and warning sounds are crucial to maintaining the highest road safety standards. These active systems will notify a driver instantaneously when a vehicle or object is in their blind spot, ensuring a driver can react immediately and prevent a collision.

At Brigade, we always recommend a combination of active and passive systems is fitted to your vehicle to ensure the highest possible safety standards are always maintained.

Our active and passive systems at Brigade include our suite of award-winning, market leading road safety devices, such as our 360-degree camera – Backeye®360, bbs-tek® White Sound® reversing alarms and Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection.

Since Brigade introduced the first reversing alarm to the UK in 1976, we have been committed to improving road safety for all. Since then our devices have helped to save numerous lives, prevent thousands of collisions and elevate road safety standards for all.

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