Weathering the storm – Brigade’s technology promotes safe winter driving

In the depth of winter, conditions can be hazardous on roads and work sites. This month has seen ‘snow bombs’ in Scotland and other parts of the UK, causing havoc for drivers and leading to numerous traffic accidents.

Drivers of commercial vehicles can feel particularly vulnerable in winter storms. Travel advice should of course be followed in the most extreme weather conditions, but commercial drivers will always be under pressure to deliver goods on time. Similarly, on work sites it’s rarely possible to down tools when there are projects to complete and orders to fulfil.

So how can commercial vehicle operators ensure their drivers – and the road users or site workers around them – are protected in fog, snow, high winds or torrential rain? Technology undoubtedly has a part to play, and we are proud to have developed a range of safety systems that can help to prevent accidents and save lives. Here, we highlight three of our products with outstanding performance, even in the most treacherous winter conditions.

Radar Obstacle Detection
Backsense® is a heavy-duty radar sensor system that detects stationary and moving objects even in the harshest of environments such as thick fog or snowfall. Unique to Brigade, it gives the driver an audible and visible warning when objects are within a certain distance. Distances can be programmed to suit different sized vehicles, from 7ft to 33ft in width and 10ft to 9 in length.9ft.

Radar obstacle detection is suitable for both on and off-road applications, so whether it’s a motorway, a quarry or a construction site, Backsense® offers first-class protection, preventing collisions and saving lives.

Camera Monitors
When weather is poor, visibility from camera monitors can be reduced due to a build-up of grit and dirt from roads or work sites. Brigade’s range of shutter cameras give additional protection when not in use by way of an automatic cover over the lens. Our range of cameras offer superb durability whatever the environmental conditions. They operate at temperatures as low as -40C and with IP ratings of up to IP69K – the highest possible rating to protect against ingress from water or dust. So, in heavy rain or high wind and the harshest conditions, Brigade camera monitor systems remain an excellent driving aid, eliminating blind spots no matter what the weather.
As with any camera or external equipment, it’s important to clean lenses and sensors of grit, salt or dust between journeys.

Smart Reversing Alarms
Warning alarms are audible devices to alert pedestrians and workers when a vehicle is maneuvering. Brigade Electronics’ bbs-tek® White Sound® alarm uses smart technology to adjust sound levels in line with the ambient noise in the immediate vicinity. In adverse conditions, for example if rain is pounding down, the warning decibel level will be increased.

White Sound® uses a wide range of frequencies, enabling the listener to instantly locate what direction the sound is coming from, unlike traditional ‘beep beep’ tonal alarms which can be almost impossible to pinpoint.  The ‘ssh-ssh’ white sound can be heard clearly by workers wearing ear protectors, and by pedestrians wearing hats or ear muffs in the winter.
Whatever the season, Brigade’s products can transform the capabilities of your commercial vehicles. If you’d like more information about these products, or an information pack on our full range, please get in touch via our contact page . We look forward to hearing from you.