Free 5 Year Warranty

To reflect ourconfidence in the reliability of Brigade Elite cameras and monitors we have increased the standard warranty period from 3 to 5 years, providing that extra peace of mind.

Exclusions apply; see T&C for further details.

What happens next?

Providing your product(s) is listed below and purchased after February 2017 then you are already covered. If your product  is not listed, please contact your Brigade distributor or sales representative for further information.

Is my product eligible?

The below Elite cameras and monitors are eligible for receiving an extended warranty providing they were purchased after February 2017.


  • BE-800C
  • BE-800C(40)
  • BE-800C(87)
  • BE-890C
  • BE-850C
  • BE-801C
  • BE-801C(40)
  • BE-801C(78)
  • BE-810C
  • BE-811C
  • BE-820C
  • BE-821C
  • BE-822C
  • BE-823C


  • BE-970WFM
  • BE-970WM
  • BE-870LM
  • BE-870FM
  • BE-865DDM
  • BE-856GM