Fleet managers give their opinions on safety upgrades

The high cost of fuel, rising insurance premiums and increased environmental responsibilities are just a few of the challenges those running HGV and heavy plant fleets have to manage to ensure their business runs at its most cost-effective and efficient.

To garner the opinions of managers from across the UK about where safety upgrades – specifically camera systems – fit in, we spoke to 245 fleet experts about a wide range of subjects. The results give an interesting insight.

Improvement on road safety recognised

From all those surveyed, 73% confirmed they recognised the important role vehicle camera and CCTV systems can play in improving road safety, reducing accidents and eliminating common hazards, and had purchased the technology in recent years.

Acknowledging the benefits

Following installation, just under half, 49%, appreciated the benefits the systems offer and stated they are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety for their fleets by buying regular additional upgrades for their systems.

Furthermore, 80% of those who have installed vehicle safety systems had noticed an improvement in driver behaviour. And, due to improved driver awareness and the ability to manoeuvre safely – despite any challenging conditions – that come with the systems, 23% reported an increase in fuel economy.

Reduction in insurance premiums and claims

By giving the driver a clear view around their vehicle, these types of camera safety systems enable HGV drivers and plant operators to move and drive safely, and prevent accidents. As fewer accidents mean fewer claims, the installation of safety equipment on fleets can reduce insurance premiums.

Of respondents who had purchased safety systems, 47% confirmed their main objective was to reduce insurance costs, and once installed, just over a third had seen their insurance premiums reduced as a result. Additionally, 41% said they have noticed a reduction in incident reporting after starting to use the camera systems and 27% reported a reduction in personal injury claims.

What we have learnt

Although this is only a glimpse of current views in the industry, it’s pleasing to learn that a high percentage of fleet managers we surveyed fully understood the safety benefits that come with installing vehicle camera or CCTV systems to their fleets.

Whilst tough monetary decisions do need to be made, it’s clear this technology should be embraced as an opportunity to not only reduce risk and enhance road safety for drivers and road users, but also lower costs. Following a comment from one respondent, who estimates the return on fitting cameras to be five times the investment over a five-year lifecycle, it’s clear that a short-term outlay can give longer-term financial benefits.

However, we would like to see more companies choosing to install the technology and we will continue to highlight the benefits to a wide audience.

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