Guide To Fleet Efficiency

Using technology to minimise costs, increase safety and encourage best practice.

How Fleet Managers can navigate day-to-day issues and support both their fleet and their business with technology.

This guide aims to present the array of vehicle solutions that will support a Fleet Manager in saving the budget, preventing accidents and helping to ensure better efficiency across a fleet.

We interviewed some of the UK’s top fleet experts on their experiences with vehicle technology revealing how insurance premiums had been cut and reported incidents reduced.

Learn from their successes and how they pursued a safer, more economically viable fleet.


Find out which technology is supporting fleets and how it makes a fleet run safely and with fewer costs.

Real World Scenarios

Read about how Wren Kitchens and Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) are implementing vehicle technology and achieving an estimated return on their solutions to be five times the investment over a five-year vehicle lifecycle.

Hear from the Experts

 Technology upgrades, are they worth it? We interviewed 245 fleet experts to understand how vehicle solutions impacted their fleet.

About the Author

Brigade Electronics are specialists in vehicle safety and provide solutions to suit all commercial vehicles.

We are proud of our reliable, trusted and quality products and hold no reserve in our mission to deliver zero lives

lost in collisions with commercial vehicles and mobile machinery.

Our dedicated safety experts are here to support you and your business.

You’re safer with us